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Violins (click on instrument images to see detail)
Picture of a violin
Twinkles Violin Rentals specialises in Raggetti and Suzuki violins for our rental program.These are among the best student instruments, recognised for their superior tonal quality and ease of playing. The violins are set up in our workshop to ensure playability, tonal excellence and good condition. We only use good quality strings—including Piranito, Tonica or Dominant and Superflexible—and these are replaced regularly.

Pictures of a viola Violas
Our violas are of excellent quality, including excellent German, Chinese and Japanese instruments, including Fiedlers, Raggettis, Tononis and Shimros. These instruments are superior tonally and are easy to play. They come with quality strings, bow, case, rosin and cover. We are able to provide all sizes from 11” violas up to 16”. For smaller sizes, good quality violins are set up as violas.

Cellos Picture of a Cello back
Twinkles Violin Rentals can supply cellos ranging from 1/10th to full size. All instruments are superior makes including Suzukis, Raggettis, Shimros and Enricos. These makes are selected for their fine tone and ease of playing. We ensure instruments are maintained in excellent condition and come with quality strings, a good bow, padded bag and rosin.

Double Basses Picture of a Double Bass Front

We have available double basses from ¼ size to ¾ size. As you can see, these are good quality instruments set up with superior strings, and come with fine French style bows, padded bags and rosin. German style bows can be supplied on request. We maintain the instruments in good condition.