Twinkles Violin Rentals - VIOLIN COVERS - with a picture of 3 beautiful violin tops

Individually crafted instrument covers are provided with all violins and violas, with attractive embroidered pictures on them, using embroidery designs by Bunnycup Embroidery, Glenn Harris, Hatched in Africa, Janome, Stitchitize and Sue Box (links below.) Children will love these covers, and parents will find that they are encouraged in their practice when they open up their instrument case to see an instrument cover with an appealing picture on it.

*unfortunately the covers are not for sale - they are only for the rental instruments.

Sample Violin Covers - scroll down to see them - click on them to see detail

Picture of 4 violin covers
Picture of 4 violin covers

Click on the covers to see them in detail

The violin covers are made using designs sourced from:

Sue Box Designs -
Stitchitize -
Janome Australia -
Hatched in Africa embroidery -
Glenn Harris Embroidery -
Bunnycup Embroidery -